Thursday, December 4, 2008

Power Cut - Where Power Kills Power

Today's World..! There is a gadget for everything. From Alpha to Omega, as said in Greek, name it and you have a gadget to do that. It feels good & sometimes proud to possess some of those. Many a times, the social status of an individual is measured on the scale of the gadgets he/she possesses. Well, coming to the point. I would like to discuss on Electricity.
There were days, when an incandescent electric bulb was like a wonder to this world. It sounded outlandish to digest that there could be a source of light other than the sun.
These are the days, where you can light a torch, in your mobile handset (which is another gadget). Gadgets & Gadgets, Gadgets in Gadgets, Gadgets for Gadgets........ There cannot be a full stop for this.
One such technology which helps us store electricity in order to use during a power break down and all the so so problems is the battery, a very good invention. Along with a set of Rectifier & Inverter units, its totally called an UPS. Her majesty, The Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems, which i would like to exhibit as the Interrupter of power supply.
It all works like this. lets go with an example for easy understanding. A place named XYZ with an electrical load of 20 MW (per se) faced the so called power supply shortage problem.
So during the 24 Hrs present in a day, there were a few power cuts accounting to 4 hrs a day.
The power generation capacity of XYZ is 20 MW per day. When the generation = consumption, why is there a shortage in the supply.
It all happens like these. A network of the so called UPS systems are milking the power from the network, hence finishing up the 20 MW capacity in less than 24 hrs.
For the remaining 4 hrs people run their lifes on the UPS. Just think about those, who cant afford the so called UPS systems.
When the supply can meet your demand, what is the necessity to store it in excess. Of course there are cases where it is a necessity. Eg, in emergency cases like hospitals, where the price paid will be high or even a life, due to an interrupted power supply.
The greed of a person results in the strife of the other. Inflation, Share Market down fall, Economic recession, bla bla bla...., All of these are the results of a GREEDY action. Just to make money, buy comforts, status , richness, what so ever.
As the laws of physics state, Every action has an opposite and equal reaction. Hence Proved. Greedy actions performed have to be faced as recessions in reaction.
The word of GOD says, "Live & let live", "Share & it multiplies". There are a numerous such quotes to mention. What we require now is "Words in Action".
The practical application of the word of GOD. Instead of preaching, one should just go out to do what he says. Set an example.
Its all in the co-existence that we all can grow. Only on humanity.
Think it Over.

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