Tuesday, January 17, 2012

KSA First time

it was 10.30PM on 14.1.12 at my home in nellore, India. The atmosphere was too dull with a sense of lacking in all those gathered there. An innova was standin out my door waiting for me to board. That was the dat i set off to saudi in pursuit of my career. My mom couldnt resist the tears rolling down her cheeks. Any mother could not do in that situation. After bidding good bye to all the family members & listening to all the take care and all the best from them, I boarded the vehicle. Rolled down the window glass to tata once again. I misssed them all & my home so much after all.

At the moment i was like a newly married girl with all the aspirations and dreams of a new life set at the husbands's on one side and the turmoil of loosing the home, parents and all my loved ones on the other side.

I had to make the move. Life is has no meaning progressing.

After a 3hr drive on the NH5 from nellore to chennai, we reached the Madras International Terminal. Looking here and there for signs and instructions, just like any first timer would. I dont want to commit any mistakes because ia goinig international from that very moment. Feels chilly.

My dad, brother and uncles were stopped at the international departure entry itself. Only I was allowed in. i had a damn ticket after all.

CHecking in at the Qatsr airways was quite easy. very helpful guys. i checked in my big airliner luggage and moved on with a backpack to the immigration.

While i was filling through the immigration form, to my surprise, a person beside me asked me to fill in the form for him. I looked at him almost shocked. How could someone unable to fill his immigration form live out in another country. That is life. it takes you anywhere. need not be qualified for that.

After filling the form I headed to the Customs clearence. Guys looking like army asscociates scanned through my luggage, checked my laptop, my jacket and finally frisked me after i passed through the metal detector.

All these time I was thinking about the family that I have left behind and of the place I was going to stay for the future. The turmoil at the air port ended when I was called in for boarding on to the Qatar airways flight. I got in and the flight took off. With a glimpse of the flashing lights of the city slowly fading away, I was airborne and off the Indian grounds for the first time in my life. It was quite thrilling.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Heal the world

Jacksons one best lines. Heal the world.
are we doing anything progressive in this. Ofcourse jackson left this world for more than a year, but the lines he left to us mean a lot. It was his struggle for humanity. Empathise with the world.

We get to know. there has been a famous quote running around regarding the times. The value of each second, minute, hour, whom to ask. They are those who need it the most.

Something clicked on my mind when i read this.

The value of each morsel of food, each tiny particle you waste. each drop of water, piece of clothing, pair of footwear, a shelter to hide-in. Whom to ask.

There are more than half the population of the world struggling to get the above said, which we discard as waste.

Whom to ask. Lets go Africa. Speaking about africa is fashionable these days.

Why go Africa. Lets do it here, inour own country. Lets heal the home, then go to the world.

We always struggle for me & me & me & me. Ever thought a second how this world goes without harmony. When sleeping happily on a double layer dunlop with stomach full ecstacies, ever we thought about the one thats sleeping on the floor, stomach empty.


LEts get better by making the society better. I do know that its easier writing than in action. Its enough if we can help the people in action. Thats far most.

Thats what the BIble says, Love thy neighbour.

Need not love, just care.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Power Point Kills

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Scientists design first see-through computer chip

Korean scientists have fabricated a functional computer chip that is almost completely clear - the first of its kind.The technology could spur development of clear computer and TV screens, embedded in glass or transparent plastic.
Besides, see-through electronics would make your room or wall more spacious by allowing such devices to be stacked in small clear spaces.The new technology, called transparent resistive random access memory (TRRAM) chip, is similar to an existing commercial chip known as complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) memory - providing data storage for USB flash drives and other devices.Like CMOS devices, the new chip provides "non-volatile" memory, meaning it stores digital information without losing data when it is powered off. Unlike CMOS devices, however, the new TRRAM chip is almost completely clear.Scientists at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) who developed the chip, are also designing TRRAM using flexible materials."It is a new milestone of transparent electronic systems," said researcher Jung Won Seo, the study co-author. "By integrating TRRAM device with other transparent electronic components, we can create a total see-through embedded electronic system."Technically, TRRAM device rely upon an existing technology known as resistive random access memory (RRAM), which is already in commercial development for future electronic data storage devices, said a KAIST release.RRAM is built using metal oxide materials, which are very transparent. What the Korean team did was to build a chip by sandwiching these metal oxide materials between equally transparent electrodes and substrates.According to the Korean team, TRRAM devices are easy to fabricate and may be commercially available in a few years. Seo predicted that the new transparent devices will drive electronics in new directions.The work appeared in this week's issue of Applied Physics Letters, published by the American Institute of Physics.

Cost cutting takes away fun at workplaces

The economic downturn has taken away the fun moments among employees at work as most of the companies are increasingly cut monetary rewards and prizes for in-house entertainment activities, as part of cost cutting measures. Indoors funs such as dumb charades, lotto and pictionary have lost their charm due to the lack of encouragement from management, reported The Times of India.

While companies had offered even iPods and iPhones as prizes during good times, they are now cautious on giving costlier prizes. A TCS employee said, "The regular lunches and picnics stopped all of a sudden. Even the indoor games we play lack enthusiasm as there is no prize. Previously one could expect either cash or a gift as a prize." She also said that employees have started to pool money among themselves to go out and have some fun or gift themselves cash prizes.

Some firms had budgets of Rs.50 lakh to Rs.10 crore for employee entertainment annually. With cutting the budgets, many companies have either deployed or retrenched their fun officers, who are responsible to keep employees young and motivated. Moreover, star hotels get only a few numbers of bookings for fun related employee events from companies. They have reported a 20 percent drop in such events. Even 'family day' celebrations are getting delayed. For instance, SAP, the software product company, has indefinitely postponed its family day bash slated for November as it has frozen all fun-related spending.Additionally, "Clients who we were working for had stopped sending money for our entertainment. Depending on the size of the teams, clients would send the company Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 per quarter per team member towards entertainment," said a former Infosys employee. Many firms have also axed funds for sporting events like badminton and table tennis. "People who are in charge of creating fun on the floor are being moved to other departments or are quitting. In some cases, people with fun portfolios are put to dual roles in HR, admin, sales," mentioned, Karthik Shekhar, Secretary General of the BPO union UNITES."BPO and call center firms had 'fun at work' teams of up to 20 people. These teams are now getting disintegrated as company-funded fun is almost on the verge of extinction, although monthly cultural programs are still on," noted an official at a city-BPO firm