Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bad bosses can give heart attacks to men

Handling the tantrums of an inconsiderate boss can be a risk for a man's heart. As per a Swedish study, people who thought well of their bosses has lower risk of heart attacks."If you have working conditions where you don't know what the demands are, don't get enough support from your boss or colleagues, or don't have enough job control, or impact on your work load and situation, this creates a bad working situation. A good boss is good for working conditions," Roger Mortzik, Policy Director for the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees, said. Examining around 3122 working men's health records, the study establish a clear link between management style and employee heart health. Even earlier a similar study pointed out that poor management causes employee burnout, depression and high blood pressure. Commenting on the risk author Anna Nyberg, a psychologist at Karolinska Institutes Department of Public Health Sciences warned saying, "You should take it seriously that you are stressed due to your manager. If you have a good boss, you have at least a 20 percent lower risk and if you stay with your boss for four years, you have at least a 39 percent lower risk."
As per reported by Bloomberg, for the study researchers used a standardized stress test and examined hospital records, wherein on average, participants were 42 years old, highly educated and slightly overweight. Three out of four exercised now and then or regularly. The men filled out a section of the so-called stress profile on leadership climate, scoring their bosses on such statements as "My boss is good at pushing through and carrying out changes." Infact, over the 10 years that participants were tracked, 74 had heart attacks or angina, all of which required hospitalization and some of which were fatal, the study found. However, the study excluded women as very few were under the threat of some heart problems.

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